SSM will fine the company for not displaying company registration number on website

Yes, no Joke. SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) will impose a fine if your company registration number is not displayed on your website.


According to the Companies Act 2016 Section 30(2), it is mandatory for all companies to disclose their registered name and company registration number on various platforms, including business letters, official publications (including electronic form), websites, bills of exchange, cheques, invoices, and other forms of business correspondence and documentation.

if you receive an official letter from SSM as below, you also will notice this apply to social media as well (facebook, twitter, instrgram, youtube etc)


ssm warn letter for not displaying company registration number on website


so if your website , facebook , instagram and other platforms are not displaying your SSM company registration number, better do it now before SSM send you the warning letter as showed above.

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