Google SEO In Layman View

What is Google SEO ?

Consider that you run a modest coffee shop and would like to increase the number of customers visit to your shop. You might put up posters in front of your business, place ads in neighbourhood publications, or hand out leaflets to people as they pass by. You may do all of these things to raise your profile and draw more people into your store.

Similar to how a physical coffee shop operates, Google SEO involves making changes to a website so that Google’s search engine can send more people to it. Consider Google to be the main street of the internet, where millions of people seek for information, goods, and services every day. In a sense, you’re putting up signs and running ads by optimising your website for Google SEO.


Google SEO in Malaysia

Google SEO

Just like a coffee shop owner wants to make their shop as welcoming and attractive as possible to customers, website owners want to make their website as user-friendly (user experiences) and relevant as possible to Google’s search algorithms. This involves various strategies such as using relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, building high-quality backlinks, and ensuring the website is technically sound and mobile-friendly. By doing so, website owners can increase their visibility on Google’s search results pages, attract more traffic to their site, and ultimately grow their business.

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