Will Open AI Chat GPT Affect SEO ?

Future developments in search engine optimization (SEO) may be influenced by OpenAI’s GPT. GPT is an example of an AI model that may be used to generate content for websites, such as articles or product descriptions. This might have an effect on SEO in a few different ways:

  1. Content Quality: Human-written stuff is almost usually of higher quality than AI-generated content. Websites that use low-quality AI-generated content run the risk of being penalised by search engines, which would be bad for users.
  2.  Duplicate Content: AI models have the capacity to swiftly produce massive volumes of content, which may cause problems with duplicate content on the web. Websites that employ identical or extremely similar content to other websites may be penalised by search engines.
  3. Keywords Stuffing : In an effort to raise a website’s position in search results, AI models may be employed to generate material with a lot of keywords (keywords stuffing)  in the content. Due of the detrimental effects keyword stuffing can have on user experience, search engines are likely to penalise websites that utilise keywords stuffing generated by AI


In general, the utilisation of AI models like GPT and the calibre of the content they produce will determine how they affect SEO. It’s critical for webmasters and marketers to closely monitor search engines’ reactions to AI-generated content and to modify their SEO tactics as necessary.

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