Will Open AI Chat-GPT Replace Google ?

Recently, Open AI Chat GPT becomes a hot topic. Some people (including some so-called SEO guys) are predicting that Chat GPT will replace Google

will Chat GPT replace Google? I Throw back this question to Chat-GPT itself :


Chat-GPT-Replace-Google ?

As you read the answer ” It is unlikely that OpenAI’s GPT will replace Google. While GPT is a powerful language model that can perform a wide range of tasks, Google offers a much broader range of services, such as search, email, cloud storage, and many others. Additionally, Google has a much larger team of engineers and resources to continue developing and improving its services. GPT is a valuable tool, but it is not a direct replacement for the wide range of services offered by Google.”


Well, maybe the questions is too wide as Google offers many services and definately Chat GPT could not replace Google. So I refine the question again to :


Chat-GPT Open AI replace search engine


the answer of Chat-GPT strict to the points :  Chat-GPT provide human-like text and provide information that have been trained, while Search Engine provide relevant and search result information based on user’s location, search history , preferences and more. In other words, Chat-GPT and Search Engine are two different of expertise.


But I am not satisfied with this answer, so I try to push to limit and ask below question :

chat-GPT-compliment and help Google each other

my question : Under what circumstances you will replace search engine ?

Chat GPT Answer : It is unlikely that a language model like me will replace search engines like Google under any circumstances. Search engines are designed to provide relevant and accurate results for a wide range of queries by crawling and indexing the web, and using complex algorithms to rank and present the results.

Language models like me, on the other hand, are designed to assist users in generating human-like text based on the input provided. While I can assist users in finding information by answering questions based on the information I’ve been trained on, it is not my main purpose. My capabilities are not the same as those of a search engine and I’m not designed to replace them.

However, It’s worth noting that search engines and language models can be complementary and used together to improve the user experience. For example, a search engine can provide a list of relevant results, and then a language model can assist in generating a summary or a summary of the top results.



I am surprised that Chat-GPT said “search engines and language models can be complementary and used together to improve the user experience.” I am quite agreed with this statement. Chat-GPT is like a personal-assistant, while search engine is like a tool to sorting out your prefrences result on the comprehensive databases (sources). But sometimes you need a personal-assitant to help you to give best answer among the sorting results especially when you are rush in time, so in this circumstance, Chat-GPT move in to become your “Personal Assistant”

So, Are you satisfied with the answers provided by Chat-GPT ?  🙂

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