Will Search Engine Adopt AI ?

The Search Engine Giant, Google already makes use of artificial intelligence (AI). Google has been adopting AI techniques to improve its search results and make them more pertinent to users, such as machine learning and natural language processing. With the use of AI, Google is better able to recognise the most pertinent data and deliver the most appropriate responses in response to user requests. In order to interpret and comprehend complex search queries and provide more accurate results, Google’s RankBrain algorithm, for instance, leverages AI. Additionally, AI helps Google’s Knowledge Graph, which offers rapid and direct responses to frequent questions, become better.


How About Bing ?

Microsoft’s Bing search engine does not use OpenAI specifically. However, Microsoft is a strong supporter of AI research and development, and has collaborated with OpenAI in the past on various projects. Additionally, Microsoft is known to use AI and machine learning algorithms in its Bing search engine to deliver relevant and accurate results to users. Microsoft’s AI technology also plays a role in other products and services, such as its virtual assistant Cortana, and its image and speech recognition capabilities.


Overall, the use of AI and machine learning will continue to drive innovation in the search engine industry, and we can expect to see significant improvements in the accuracy and relevance of search results in 2023 and beyond.

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